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Food Waiver

Please DO NOT fill out this waiver unless you are submitting your first meal prep order NOW. Your waiver will be deleted to keep to que open for new customers. Waivers are not required to order sweets, but to ensure your order is received, this form must be submitted & will be kept on file for future reference.

Your meals will be in plastic storage containers that are BPA free and reusable. These containers are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. To maintain proper condition, for microwave reheating and defrosting, remove lid before placing in the microwave.

Please note that once food is received, Meals-By-Mac is no longer responsible for cross contamination and improper food storage.

Please list all allergies below so that Meals-By-Mac will not be held responsible for any unknown allergy related issues. Because of the methods in which foods are cooked, Meals-By-Mac can not guarantee the traces of food you are allergic to are not present in the food you are given.

I have acknowledged receipt of this statement and confirm that I have read and understood all the terms before signing.

* This supersedes any previous communications, verbal or written*

Thanks for submitting!

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