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  • Why is breakfast not offered?

Breakfast consists of products that will taste better prepared daily, i.e. egg whites. Other options, such as: protein shakes, smoothies and oatmeal, come prepackaged already. 

  • Can you freeze the meals?

Of course! 

  • When you purchase a month or more of meal prep, when will you receive the meals?

You will receive all of your meals at the same time.

  • Do you have to purchase five meals to place an order?

No, individual meals may be purchased.​​

  • If you are unsatisfied, are there any refunds,returns or exchanges?

Due to the nature of business, no refunds, returns or exchanges will be allowed. All sales are final.

  • Can you resuse containers?

Yes, however, an inspection for quality and sanitation will be required upon next purchase. In addition, your name will be written on your containers to ensure it is returned specifically to you. Once they are worn out, they will be replaced free of charge.

  • When is the last chance to place an order?

You can sumbit orders from Saturday to Thursday. Any orders after that time frame will be submitted for the following week.